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damn sian laaaaaaaaaaaaa..............................................

i dun mind about re-adding frens and stuff. but what i care about is


its ok. i will create a new one soon.. probably tk this opportunity to add only close frens or ppl whom i noe.

it might be a blessing in disguise?


its a FUCK YOU post.

im begining to hate you more.  so fucking selfish. as if the whole world revolves ard you and you only. GET A LIFE. you have ur own house now so FUCKING MOVE UR ASS THERE!

i cant even have a peaceful sleep EVERY fucking time you come back home. you will talk so damn fucking loudly as if the whole house belongs to you. hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is not ur fucking house! scram!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im fucking pissed and i cant stop typing the fucking word. FUCK.

after a long day work, all i need is a peaceful slp. it dun have to be super long but at least give me a quiet environment. give me some peace. im fine with baby crying but can you jus fucking stop whining and stop singing that fucking lullaby that dun seems to get the baby to slp!!! OMG. give me a break.

it really sucks man.

and it sucks even more when u look fwd to dinner and it turns out to be CRAP.

and i cant wait to get this whole moving house thing over and done with. its taking up too much time!!!!

fuck this shit.


i miss you=)

hi baby, i noe ur busy working now!! jus wanna let you noe tt i miss you! and see you on sat!

I <3 YOU!!!!


Fotos frm my fone!!

Before goin out Shoppin in london!

Got this All Saint's top at a great discount! Ard 40 pounds. Orginal price at 90 pounds!! Leggin frm primark!

Ytd bbq dinner!

So happy haha!

Sparklun ribena!! Shiok max!

Bf gave me his hse key!!!:))))))

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my munich trip

was in munich few weeks back. visited their town area and did some shopping=) the weather was too chilly for sightseeing and im afraid of the occasion drizzel which might makes me fall sick=( so sightsee the next time~! and i regret not goin for oktoberfest!! arghh.. its ok~! till next time then!

the sky  is so gloomy and the thunder jus roared. bf is working now. I feel so bored at home T.T

i miss you....


My Bf first day of work!

my bf looks so ham in formal wear! damn sexy la! everything from top to toe is slim fit! and tell u a secret. he even go facial, cut hair, thread face, custom made shirts and pants FOR HIS FIRST DAY OF WORK. damn hiao lor! and he even do my mask! HAHAHA... i nv even go facial before lor! find one day i mus go try!=D

it was a great bbq dinner after his work!!! although starting of work means, monday to fri 9 to 5 and work on certain saturdays, and it also means not everytime we get to meet up, lesser jb makan trip, lesser random photo taking outings,no more lazing days at home and shopping in town.. i will still treasure and cherish each and every lil moments we spend tgt. cos working means building and shaping up a better future for both of us, saving up and planning a great wedding * a few more yrs to go*, and also growing up and weathering thru the test of time tgt=)

i love you baby!!!! work hard ok!! but at the same time dun give urself too much stress=) most imptly is u mus be happy!


My London Loots

London. The first thing that come to my mind is  PRIMARK at marble arch!! full of clothes, clothes and more clothes. whatever you want to get, want to wear, want to buy, u name it, they have it. Every single item is so cheap!!!!!!!!!! I never walk out of that place empty handed before. NEVER EVER.

other than that, i stock up my skin care! =D

this brand is fantastic! esp the protect & perfect serum. MUST BUY! the other items are my first time trying. Boots having a promotion of 3 for 2! so its a gd time to buy now!=D  btw, i jus tried out the moisture mask. equally gd too!!!!=D

Bird kept saying that the chocolate cornflakes is fantastic! 2 tubs for 4 pound. she bought 4 tubs home! and true enuff, once you pop one into the mouth, YOU CANT STOP.

me and bird=D

it was a great time catching up with one another. updating about our life and sharing gossips. im happy for her to find a gd bf and happily in love too=)

and when i got back  my roommmm....

ive got 4 husbands!=D he really nv fails to make me laugh! even when im alone so far away from him... =) silly boy! i totally can imagine him runnin to n fro the camera, posing and taking photos. HAHAHA. damn cute la! =D LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABY! <3

The first entry of little kutu!

hoping over from blogspot , i hope i can adapt to livejournal's style of bloggging=)

im currently in london and preparing to go out to meet bird later!


and not forgetting, today marks our 1st yr anniversary tgt!=) a lovey dovey post was up in my old blog. www.angeldehappydiary ,blogspot.com

this blog, i shall blog down all our happy moments n funky photos. =) and my overseas trip too!

and also, will like to extend a warm welcome and big thank you to all my readers who msg me on fb and  added me in twitter! =) hope to share more of my skin care tips, make up, shopping loots with you guys too!=D

alright. shall go prepare now!

btw---  why little kutu?  because bf always say theres lots of kutu in my head *which of cos is untrue HAAH*. n tts how i got the nick name. =D